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Summer Covets: Dress Edition


You wouldn’t be able to tell by my current get up (thick sweater and jacket used as a blanket to cover my legs) but summer is approaching. And, true to form, I’m checking all my favorite sites looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe.

  1. Simply Be’s Black Cold Shoulder Dress ($64.99): Can’t go wrong with a simple black dress. Not to mention, off the shoulder is so in this summer. And, how cute does Gabi look in it? Those silver shoes totally make the outfit!
  2. Boohoo’s Open Shoulder Woven Swing Dress ($40): A bit short but I’m loving the off shoulder, swing dress look. Extra points for the spaghetti strap which means I won’t have to continuously adjust the shoulders.
  3. Simply Be’s Lace Trim Boho Dress ($62.50): LOVE!
  4. Asos’s Off Shoulder Dress in Orange Tropical Print ($56): So looks like I’m running with this off shoulder trend despite my stretch marks, but how cute is this dress?!!! I just want to wear this on the beach, honestly.
  5. Asos’ Floral Mini Aline Dress ($127): I’m always up for any wardrobe item that makes me feel like a beautiful fairy. But, alas, I’ll be waiting until this dress goes on sale.
  6. Simply Be’s Traffic People Harmony Dress ($67.50): By far my favorite on the list. This one looks a bit thick, but I love the retro vibe of it. Certainly great for cooler days and to wear into fall.

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