Noisy Brain

The Blame Game

Man, I really hate when people of color say, “I don’t focus on racism or prejudice, because I’m not going to use it as an excuse or allow it to hold me back,” or when white people say, “Stop using racism or prejudice as an excuse. You just have to work hard for what you want.” Let me tell you, as someone who stays woke, constantly talks about the two, and pulls people up on their racist bullshit, I don’t ever use it as an excuse. Not with these high ass bills that I pay every month (on time) in Manhattan (no braggies, but I know that some of ya’ll like to also talk about POC using the excuse of racism of why they can’t ‘get ahead’ in life and need to be on welfare, etc.). Not with this masters degree I have under my belt. Not while I was going to school full time, working, and going to an internship 22 hours a week. We can talk about racism and should talk about it. But please know that we still continue to prosper and do the work while talking about it. Not only to prove you wrong but also to get what we want in life. For anyone that likes to buy into that whole “oh you’re just using that as an excuse”, please read this article. Black women are the most educated group in America. Again, black women, who have to deal with both racism AND sexism, are the most educated group in America. And they did that WHILE talking about racism and prejudices. Ignoring it doesn’t fix the problem. In fact, not many people get shit done by being quiet.


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