Low Carb Snack Options

One of the biggest struggles I’ve been having with my low carb journey is finding low carb snacks. I find that it’s easy to make a low carb meal because I have the time to do so or I meal prep for those days I don’t. Snacks, on the other hand, needs to be readily available and takes little to no time to prepare. These seem to fit the requirements.



Walnuts (4g per 1/4cup): I like to add walnuts to my salad and yogurt. But it’s also really good on its own. If you’re looking for a bit of flavor, try it with hummus, which is surprisingly easy to make at home.

Almonds (5g per 1/4cup): High in protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamin E. Basically a great snack choice and it taste great too.



Avocado (12g per 1 cup): As much as I love avocado, this is not my go to snack. Mostly because I’m not a fan of it on it’s own. But it is a good low carb option if you’re a fan.

Cucumber (4g per 1 cup of slices): Try it with tuna salad, hummus, or this greek yogurt dip.

Brussel Sprouts Chips (4g per 51g): Good if you’re craving those delicious, salty, unhealthy chips. Find the recipe here.

Sweet Pepper (7g per 1 cup): I used to think this was the nastiest thing. Then one day I was cutting up a bunch of vegetables and tried it. Surprise surprise, it’s actually incredibly delicious. Try with guacamole for an extra kick.



Greek Yogurt (8g per 7oz): My favorite snack choice. It’s quick and, surprisingly, good. I’m currently addicted to the Fage brand. It’s sooo light and creamy, I can’t get enough! I usually go for the full fat since I’m decreasing my carb intake and also add a few pieces of walnuts.

String Cheese (1g per 1 stick): Easy to travel with.

Boiled Egg (0.6g per one large egg): Oh the possibilities.

As much as I’d love to claim these beautiful pictures as my own. They can be found on, where they have a wide range of free stock photos available for your use.


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