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Small Living: Space Saving Tips

Reduce: Your clothes, your books, your junk, etc. If you don’t use it, get rid of it. I understand, there are certain things that just serve as decoration. That’s fine. But keep it to a minimum. Also, if you’re a bookworm like me, you’re probably hoarding books that you’ve already read. Just let them go. I know, it’s hard. But, you won’t miss the unimportant ones in a week (hold on to the really special ones like Twilight ;-]).

Recycle: Use things for their unintended purposes. If you have something that doesn’t serve a purpose, get rid of it or think of some other use for it.

1. Take the Ikea Lack TV Unit for example. I bought one with the intention of using it for my TV, obviously. But once I assembled it, I realized that it was way too short. But, at that point, it was in no condition to be returned to the store. Fast forward weeks later, I’m staring at my clothing rack when, *idea*. The TV unit would make a great shoe rack and it fit perfectly under my clothing rack.

On the top I store my textbooks (don’t use those often) and my two main purses. I store shoes (total of 12 pairs) on the shelf below and directly underneath.

It’s out of the way, takes up dead space, and serves a purpose. Small room win!

2. Also, consider storing items in your suitcase which is most likely under your bed. Right now I have some summer stuff in mine. When I travel, I grab a trash bag, throw those items in, and set it to the side. The trash bag isn’t in my way because I’m not home. Once I get home it’s back in the suitcase, which goes under the bed-out of sight.

Go Up: And we rise.

1. No floor space? Move on to the four (in my case three*) blank walls. Hang shelves and go to town. You can use it to display your shoes, store lotions and the like, books, knickknacks, etc.

Corner shelves on the left and shelf above my bed on the right.

2. Bed risers. Bed risers. Bed risers. I can’t say this enough. If you don’t have a closet, raise your bed, grab some storage drawers and you’re set. This is a better alternative to beds that already come with drawers because, instead of having dead space, you can use the space underneath to store things that you rarely use (suitcase, previous season’s clothes, etc.).

3. Also, consider mounting your TV if you have one. It looks good and it doesn’t require a bulky TV unit that’s going to take up space.


Go Small: Little room, little things.

1. If your room is just big enough to fit a Queen size bed, consider downsizing to a full. You’ll be happier with space in your room than you will with space in your bed. I obviously did not take my advice. But there’s no way I could have downgraded to a twin (I am planning to get laid at some point). But I did downgrade my bookcase/nightstand. The only space I had available was the spot right next to my bed, which was also the only floor space. I didn’t want to make that area tight, so I found a bookcase from Target that has a smaller than usual depth. Similarly, I downgraded from a full ironing board to one half the size that I could hang on the back of my door.


2. Speaking of doors, use them! Nothing gets unused in your doll-sized space. I have a full size mirror on my room door. On the bathroom door is the ironing board as you see above along with an over the door towel rack on the other side.

No Wasted Space: None!

When it came to hanging my necklace organizer I had the hardest time. It didn’t fit or look good anywhere. That is until I got the bright idea to put on the wall by my clothes rack. Easy to access and out of sight. Perfect!



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