I’m Loving It: January

Monthly post featuring my current favorites.

Candles: I’ve recently developed an obsession with candles. It started with my roommate and her obsession with Anthropologie candles. The scent of the flickering one in the living room used to always greet me at the door…It made our apartment feel like home. So when I went to Target to pick up some christmas decorations, I couldn’t resist picking up a few.


  • Signature Soy Sugar BlossomI’d check out the rest of this brand, everything looks so delicious!
  • Soho Brights Collection Hey Sunshine: The yellow jar was enough for me to say “hell yes” to this candle. The smell has me hunting the internet for more.

Perfumes: I received these cute little dabbers from one of the moms I babysit for. For some reason I can’t get over seeing these in my medicine cabinet in the morning. The way the light reflects off of them, the unique smell of each, and the little owl lurking in the corner…seems to do it for me.


  1. ALIEN: I call this my “knock ’em dead” perfume. I’ve been wearing this scent for over two years, but only when I go out. It’s way too sexy for the workplace 😉
  2. ALIEN Extraordinaire
  3. ANGEL
  4. ANGEL Star

Feeding the Mind: I absolutely love reading. But, up until recently, I was only interested in reading fiction. After I read Oprah’s What I Know For Sure, I started branching out.


Blink by Malcolm Gladwell: This was a christmas gift from my best friend that was not on the wish list. She knows me so well. I’ve been slowly savoring this great read by limiting it to my commute to work.


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