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(Small) Living: Surviving a Roommate

While this video was made as part of my “Small Living” series, I’m aware that people choose to have a roommate(s) for a number of different reasons. So whether it’s living small with limited funds or because you’re a college student living on campus, you’ll surely benefit from the below tips.

One thing I didn’t mention in much detail is what you should be talking about once you meet each other:

1. Expectations for guests: Are overnight guests allowed? If so, do you require a text letting you know about that guest even if they’re staying in your roommate’s room?

2. When are bills paid: Obviously on time. But if you’re the one paying a specific bill, do you expect your roommate’s half on the day it’s due, a couple of days before, etc.

3. Speaking of bills, who’s going to put what in their name?

4. Cleaning: Even if everyone cleans up after themselves, a full cleaning every now and then is necessary. Are you guys going to hire someone monthly? Or will you alternate cleaning between the two of you?

5. Food: Is it a “don’t touch my shit” situation or are they allowed to borrow something here and there as long as they ask?



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