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Ikea Love vs. Small Kitchen Woes

One of the smallest rooms in our apartment is our kitchen (I wish I had decent pics to show you). That’s because it’s a kitchen, living room, and dining room all in one. Basically our kitchen is just a section of our common space, where the common space is the size of a normal-sized kitchen in Maryland. However, it’s also the easiest space to navigate. While we weren’t blessed with a lot of counter space or drawers, we are fortunate to have ample cupboard space, a large Lazy Susan in one of those cupboards, and a dishwasher. But, just in case you find that you’re in the same small predicament without the benefits, here are some Ikea options to make your space work for you.

WhiteHolder1. Utensil Holders: Since we don’t have drawers, we bought this one in both sizes. But I really love that you can hang this one and that it gives the kitchen some character. I also love the idea of using flower pots or candle holders (if they’re tall enough). My favorite flower pot for utensils is this one because of its sleek look.

2. Utility Carts: So we don’t have a utility cart in the kitchen, but my roommate has this one in her room and it’s great. It holds so much and doesn’t take up too much space. I’m also a fan of this one because it has a drawer, which gives you a place to store your utensils in a tray. For a lower price tag, I’d go for this one.

3. Kitchen Islands: If you can fit a dining room table in your common space, I’d suggest skipping the table and going for a kitchen island that allows for seating. The great thing about this is that you’ll have storage, maybe a drawer or two, extra counter space, and a place to eat. Go for one with wheels or add your own wheels (that lock), so you can move it around. I could only find one on Ikea and I didn’t like its price tag of $399, so use your Google magic and search around for cheaper options.

Drainer4. Hanging Products: One of the things that almost all New Yorkers have in common is that they have limited counter space. My motto is to always go up. That is, use your walls if you lack counter or floor space. Ikea comes in handy because they have a number of hanging kitchen items, like the utensil holder I mentioned above. I also urge you to buy this hanging drying rack if you don’t have a dishwasher. Place it over a sink to let the water drain directly in, or keeping the tray on the bottom to collect the water. Here’s another great option.

If you’re like me and money is also a part of your small living, here are some cheap options for common used items:

PotsPot Set for $24.99: We bought our cookware from Ikea. They were extremely cheap, we love them, and we burned one. Don’t judge the quality based on that last part. We have the worst large burner and, for some reason, it only knows two settings, off and hot as all hell. I can’t find ours on the site, but try these out.

Knives for $5.99: When I brought these home, my roommate was skeptical and I was sure they’d get dull in about 5 weeks. One year later and these babies are still going strong.

Tupperware Set for $2.99: I don’t think I need to explain $2.99. Just get this and pat yourself on the back for Glassesgetting over on Ikea. (Side note though, Systema tupperware is the bomb. If you’re willing to spend a little more, hit up Marshalls or TJ Maxx and pick up a few).

Glassware for $5.99: A six pack of drinking glasses for $5.99? I snatched those up real fast. Please do the same.


Unfortunately this post was not sponsored by Ikea. I’m just a bit obsessed and figured everyone should enjoy the many benefits of that wonderland. By the way, be sure to walk through the show room to get some decorative inspiration. All pics were found on Ikea.


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