Noisy Brain

Why I’m Not Here For “Real Women”

Here’s the thing, as a plus size girl, I’m totally here for this whole size movement (?). Is that what we’re calling it? Maybe not. But, what I’m saying is that I’m here for people pushing for unedited magazine photos; For demands to include plus size models; For the beautiful bloggers showing that, yes, plus size women can and will wear a bikini and will look damn good in it. I’m even here for the sentence, “I want to see real women on magazine covers,” going back to the conversation of edited magazine photos.

What I’m not here for is the ever popular, “Real women have curves.” Um….What?! What is this thing about real women having curves? I thought a real woman was anyone that identified as such. Are we really going to bash the young lady who’s small, with slim hips, and butt smaller than Beyonce’s. What’s so wrong with her? What makes her less of a woman? Also, what’s next, “Real women have babies.”? <– See how wrong that sentence looks. Yeah, it’s not too different from the phrase everyone seems to be throwing around these days.

You know, I can’t help but think that this phrase is basically a way to put someone down in order to build yourself up. But why? Why do you need to dismiss smaller ladies in order to get some respect? Why must we thin shame in order to say to hell with fat shaming? Yes, the world should know that there’s nothing wrong with you, you lovely, voluptuous, lady with your wide hips, and Beyonce would envy butt. Or me; plus size, gigantic boobs, and butt almost flat as a pancake (I kid…but seriously 😦 ). But we also need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with the woman described above.

As such, I call for complete wipeout of this phrase. Instead, I say we hashtag some new phrases. For example, “#realwomensaynotofuckboys”. Or, if we want to include the female counterpart, “realmenunderstandsconsent”.


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