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Purposeful Resolutions: Part 3

This week has been a bit disconcerting for me. A dramatic change in hairstyle does that I guess:


It’s weird walking into a room with people that you see almost everyday and have them gush about how you look. Even weirder having strangers ask me a variety of questions about my hair, some skipping the questions and just complimenting me on my “dreads” (hint: they aren’t dreads). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve greatly appreciated all the compliments. Maybe greatly is too strong of a word. I have a hard time receiving compliments and it often results in me responding in a cocky way.

I think the biggest part about getting all this attention is that the change is something I did for myself…erm, ok, so that’s usually the case for everyone. But, my point is, when I sat down, did my research, and then spent 4 hours doing my hair, I wasn’t thinking about how people would react to the new look. I was thinking about how I would feel. See, one of my resolutions for this year was to “move with confidence”. I wanted to exit my building and feel unstoppable. Like I was putting my best foot forward and that people would be able to feel that as I walked by. Part of that confidence comes from the way I look. It sounds shallow, and maybe it is. But there’s something to be said about feeling comfortable in your body and its effects on your confidence. When I feel beautiful, my confidence is through the roof (I used to dress up on Organic Chemistry test days for that very reason. The test might have felt like slow torture, but I didn’t cry before or after!).

So, again, what am I doing about it?

Well for one I’ve changed my hairstyle as I mentioned above. But I’ve also been taking more care in the way I dress, which is something that used to come naturally but deteriorated a bit since I started babysitting. Finally, I’ve been paying more attention to my face: I’ll admit that I’ve been blessed with beautiful skin (Again, too cocky?), but there are days when I’m looking a bit dull, way too shiny, or days that I just need an extra something. On those occasions I make a point of brushing on some mascara and my powder foundation. I know, nothing fancy, but it’s the most I can manage since makeup likes to challenge me. These changes have had a significant effect on how I navigate my way through the world. I smile and interact more with the people around me. I react less strongly to external triggers and is able to move on and have a jolly good time. For me, that makes the extra few minutes spent in the mirror worth it.

Read more about my resolutions:


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