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(Small) Bedroom Update

In an ideal world, I’d be able to move my bed around if I wanted a new look for my room. In my world, moving my bed is not an option since I live in a sardine can. So, what to do when you want a new look for your small space? Go beyond the bed, of course!

Changes can be made in other main pieces, such as your furniture, wall art, main decorative items, color scheme, etc. For me, it was getting rid of my clothing rack. Not only did it satisfied the change I was craving, it also made the space look smaller.


Once I got rid of the rack, I had to get rid of my “shoe stand” (this was hard!) and my hamper (this not so much). The hamper situation was easy. I have 3 plastic drawers and 2 storage bins under my bin. All of my drawers and 1 of the bins were easily accessible. That bin and one of the drawers were cleared up after I got rid of two big bags of clothes. The bin makes a great hamper and it stays out of the way. The empty drawer is now holding my extra sheet set and blanket. To find out my solution for everything else, watch the vid below:

Gray Bins
Fake Plant: TJ Maxx or Marshalls
Bowl: TJ Maxx or Marshalls


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