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Small Living: Bedroom “Tour”

A year ago I packed up my entire life in a few boxes, stuffed my car, and drove all the way to New York. Well, all the way being about 40 minutes from my mom’s house in Long Island, to my brand spanking new apartment in Manhattan…Not as luxurious as it sounds.

The apartment was tiny, the building was going through a full renovation, my bedroom could barely fit a full sized bed (it did, thank God!), and the rent was more than twice the amount my brother paid for his huge two bedroom/two bathroom apartment in Maryland. But, the location was PERFECT! It was everything I needed to get out of my growing funk, which was fast approaching depression.

A year later and we’re attempting to resign our lease in hopes that we’ll get to stay in our tiny dollhouse. Why? Because we made it work for us. I made my tiny bedroom work for my huge life. I’ll be showing you how I did it, but for now, I think it’d be good to give an overview of what my happy place looks.


Few things to note:
1. My hands are extremely shaky. Sorry if you get dizzy watching this video.
2. The Ikea count is more than I noted in the video.
3. Also, my sheets are from Ikea, not my comforter.
4. In this video I say something along the lines of “these are decorative items” a million times. While you’re watching, you may be wondering, “why not use that space for more useful stuff, like storage”. Simple answer. This was decorated with comfort in mind. I wanted to love spending time in this space and not just see it as somewhere to just lay my head. Simply, I needed to see beauty in every nook and cranny.


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