In college my friends and I had a lot of crazy fun-filled nights. We would get dressed in our sexiest clothes, paint our face to the Gods, attempt to put on lashes, promptly give up on the lashes (maybe that was just me?), curl our hair, and make an absolute mess…all while pregaming. But once we were ready to head out the door, we’d put on our heels and the fun would stop there.

I’m not sure if that was the case for everyone in the group. But it was very true for me. Those things were painful. So, yes, while the nights out would be great, my mind would be on how uncomfortable it was to move, dance, or even stand.

Sidenote: Props to New York for providing seats to the little people (most clubs in DC only offer seating to VIP).

Years later I made a vow to never be so uncomfortable in a pair of heels that I had to walk with flip flops and hide it in bushes by the bar. So I switched to sandals and flat boots and was content for awhile. But, for me, an outfit for a night out is incomplete without heels. I’m 5’4″, I need the height to do something to these legs. Not to mention, I feel sexier, feistier, and more confident in heels. I desperately needed to find something that would provide the height, but also the comfort. In walked the booties…

I absolutely LOVE booties. The comfort, the look, the everything! I also love booties because, unlike pumps, they do not give me foot muffin, or as one comedian (Chris Rock?) described them, the look similar to when bread is rising in the oven. I’d rather not have my circulation get cut off while trying to balance on stick sized heels. I also love how versatile they are. I wear mine to shop, dance, babysit, work, etc. They work for pretty much any occasion. They also work with most outfits; Jeans (I like mine rolled up with a hint of skin showing), skirts with or without tights, dresses, etc. You really can do no wrong with these shoes.
Left: Target ’13 (similar)-my favorite for the cuteness and the comfort
Right: Forever 21 (same in regular width)-I can wear this all day and feel nothing. I even wear it when I’m babysitting. I’m in love!!
Left: Target (found here)
Right: Avenue (similar in black, similar)
Forever 21 (same in regular width)-The least comfortable, but I get a good 3-4 hours out of it.
I normally wear wide width ankle booties (regular width at target). Below are some of the places I browse/shop from:

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